INCrowd Project

Full title: Inclusion Through Crowdfunding

Start: 15.01.2021

Finish: 14.01.2023

Programme: ERASMUS+, EU Solidarity Corps

Sub-Programme: Platforms, Skills and Innovation



What is InCrowd?

“InCrowd” – Inclusion through Crowdfunding – is a project aimed to empower the “NEET” (Neither in Employment nor in Education or Training) section of the population who are aged between 18 and 30 years old with a new and innovative form of self-expression and economic determination: crowdfunding.

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The Issue

In the current precarious EU labour market, young people often suffer from a lack of guidance and direction to start their own professional career, often resulting in failure or even a complete undoing. This is often the case for youngsters coming from disadvantaged backgrounds.

The Proposed Solution

The INCrowd project wants to offer disadvantaged young people a new and innovative tool to make their voices heard and to enjoy the opportunity to participate in the development of more inclusive and active communities and cities, as engaged and committed people. It will do so by offering crowdfunding as a disruptive and powerful instrument for starting a social innovation project, as well as for collecting funds and engaging citizens.

Project Objectives

  • Contribute to get a clear understanding of how crowdfunding can be used
  • Increase the capacities of young people to have an impact in their territories.
  • Assess opportunities behind crowdfunding and its specific application to social innovation.
  • Explore the possibility to integrate crowdfunding into existing public and private funding schemes

How can you participate?

If you fall in the project parameters (18-30 & a NEET [Not in Employment, Education or Training]) then you can be part of the project. Contact us for further information.


Project Partners