Full title: Soft sKills dIgitaL Learning for the ICT Workforce

Start: 01.03.2021

Finish: 28.02.2023

Programme: ERASMUS+

Sub-Programme: Key Action 2: Strategic Partnerships


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What is SKILL?

The Issue

In the context of rapid socio-economic change, exponential advances in technology, and the burgeoning ICT sector of the emerging fourth industrial revolution, business leaders identify a growing need for managers and employees who possess soft skill capacities, such as critical thinking, people management, etc. Yet, most ICT small to medium enterprises (SMEs) and micro-firms cannot afford soft skills training programs especially in these difficult times.

The Proposed Solution

The project aims to address the soft skills gap and increase the competitiveness of ICT SMEs and micro-firms.

Project Objectives

This project offers an ICT sector soft skills framework and an innovative, engaging ICT soft skills curriculum with teaching and learning resources that are all freely-available via a device-agnostic e-learning platform.

How can you participate?

If you work in the ICT industry, there are several ways that you can contribute to this project such as through focus groups, questionnaires, etc. A pilot project will be launched towards the end of the project. Contact us to know more.


Project Partners

The project partnership includes seven teams of locally, nationally, and internationally-recognized experts representing universities, SMEs, e-training organizations, non-profit foundations, and VET providers from 6 countries: Malta, Spain, Italy, Greece, Cyprus, and Slovenia.