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As a private, not-for-profit foundation, 

FPEI provides opportunities to 

start-ups and entrepreneurs.


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FPEI | Championing Entrepreneurship

Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives


entrepreneur. “an individual who undertakes the creation, organization, and ownership of an innovative business with potential for growth”


FPEI  believes in the growth potential of the entrepreneurial and start-up industry in Malta.


The Foundation was set up to promote entrepreneurial initiatives and support start-ups in Malta. It brings together various entities and companies that provide services and opportunities to the local entrepreneurial industry.

What can FPEI do for you & how can you get involved?


Are you an entity or company that offers services to entrepreneurs?

If you offer services to start-ups and entrepreneurs, contact us to join our directory of service providers. Entrepreneurs will be able to browse the directory to select the services that they require so make sure you’re there!


Are you an entrepreneur or start-up looking for information?

Browse our business directory (coming soon) to find companies and entities that can provide you with the professional services and information that you require. You can also contact us for further guidance and tips.


Are you looking to finance your start-up project?

Financing is an essential matter for start-ups and entrepreneurs. Have you considered crowdfunding? Zaar is FPEI’s flagship project and the only reward and donation-based crowdfunding platform available in Malta.


Do you want to be involved in EU projects?

We partner on several EU projects related to crowdfunding, entrepreneurship, upskilling, adult education, leadership and other relevant topics that lead to tangible outputs that help various communities and help with business networking.

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Culture 52%
Research 49%
Community 76%