FPEI together with Arts Council Malta have developed a series of trainings sessions and mentorship sessions for Creatives and Cultural Managers to enhance their entrepreneurial mindset. 

The project will assist Creatives and artists to explore how they can combine their amazing creative talents with techniques from the business world to make their initiatives more sustainable. This will help them explore alternatives to raise finances, manage their funds and increase revenue streams to reduce their dependency on grants. 


Thank you to everyone who participated in Entrepreneurship for Creatives throughout 2021 and 2022. It was our pleasure to be able to offer this learning and networking opportunity to the creative sector. We encourage anyone who is seeking business mentoring and funds to contact us, as we can provide support with both.

Entrepreneurship for Creatives 2022

‘Entrepreneurship for Creatives’ is back for another season!

On Thursday afternoons between 22 September and 3 November, programme participants will join a series of sessions held at Valletta Design Cluster. These sessions will focus on honing an entrepreneurial mindset and developing techniques adapted from the business world to their work or projects.

The partnership behind the programme between FPEI and ACM supports the overall objectives of both leading cultural organisations. Arts Council Malta aims to nurture and develop creative potential with professional skills, as well as support community engagement with the arts and alternative funding sources. Meanwhile, FPEI uses funds received from ACM to introduce comprehensive mentoring programmes and to organise high quality workshops, seminars and educational sessions. These events, featuring experts in their respective fields, cover topics such as project planning, forecasts, sales and marketing, green and sustainable event management, media handling, pitching and e-commerce.

October 2021 Sessions

Following the successful course organised in May/June earlier this year, the Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI), supported by the Arts Council Malta, is once again running its course ‘Entrepreneurship for Creatives’, a complimentary web series targeted at people within the creative industry looking to learn more about the entrepreneurial side of the creative industry.

The sessions will follow a strategic path starting off with ideation and closing with event management, delving into the topics of marketing, finance, internationalisation and others throughout the course. The sessions will be delivered by lecturers from either the academic sector or speakers from the creative workforce sector.

May/June 2021 Sessions

The series comprises six weekly sessions with a seventh session that will focus on the sustainability of the business model, both from an environmental and financial perspective. The series will be conducted on Zoom.

The sessions will be paired and will focus on planning and strategy, sales and marketing, and finance. The sessions will be delivered by one or two lecturers from either the academic sector or the creative workforce sector, and will include a fireside chat ‘case study’ from entrepreneurs who have successfully launched their creative business to talk about their experience.

After the Sessions

Following the sessions, participants will have the opportunity to be assigned a relevant mentor who will guide and support them in their entrepreneurial initiative.

This web series was developed based on the replies received to a survey conducted at the beginning of this year by FPEI. A considerable number of people who operate within the creative industry participated in the survey taking advantage of the platform given to express their needs and requests.

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