3rd July 2023
18:30 – 21:00
Valletta Design Cluster
Participation fee: €5.00*
(payment link available upon registration)

Welcome to Brain Trust – a collaborative workshop for professionals, entrepreneurs and creators.

Brain Trust is founded on the idea that the key to unlocking many of our business challenges lies in asking the right question to the right people.

How it works:

Every participant presents a specific challenge they are currently facing in their career, business or endeavour. After giving some context, the challenge is presented as: “I want to …., but I struggle with …“.

All participants are invited to collaboratively brainstorm on how this challenge could be addressed. Participants may draw on any expert knowledge or skill they have, recommend tools or methods or pull on their network and offer introductions. After 10 minutes the discussion is concluded with actions being taken by the challenge owner and relevant participants. Then the next participant presents their challenge.

Join us on 3rd July at the Valletta Design Cluster to take a leap forward on a current business challenge and help others get unblocked.


Last modified: 16/08/2023