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FPEI Enterprise is Malta’s go-to-service directory for startups, businesses and entrepreneurs

Many entrepreneurs and organisations in Malta struggle to find the service providers they need to

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New FPEI Enterprise Membership Directory Connects Companies and Entrepreneurs

Membership of FPEI Enterprise offers a range of valuable benefits for both entrepreneurial


Entrepreneur? Discover the Art of Improv at New Workshop

Participants at FPEI’s interactive workshop will discover the improvisation techniques and

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Birthday Coming Up? Give the Gift of Giving, With Crowdfunding!

Raise money for a cause that you care about, through Zaar’s new Birthday Campaigns service.

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The 5 Most-Asked Questions about Crowdfunding (Answered by your local experts at Zaar)

With crowdfunding becoming more popular as an alternative finance solution, here are our answers to

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Everything You Need to Know About Crowdfunding (in 3 Minutes or Less)

Do you like the sound of crowdfunding, but not sure what it’s all about? Here’s your

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FPEI explores the role of Entrepreneurship in Creative Sector in Next Round of Popular Programme

Malta’s artists and creatives have the chance to learn entrepreneurial skills through the

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Take Your Idea to Brussels with INCrowd

The exciting new EU project gives young people the chance to get their ideas off the ground at a

EU Projects, News

Take your project to Brussels with INCrowd

Have you got an idea or a project in mind that you’d like to implement, but you need a boost

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Stakeholders Come Together to Discuss Social Enterprise Bill

The growing importance of a socially driven economy was one of the main conclusions of the event.