Membership of FPEI Enterprise offers a range of valuable benefits for both entrepreneurial individuals and organisations.

The Foundation for the Promotion of Entrepreneurial Initiatives (FPEI) has launched FPEI Enterprise, which brings together Malta’s organisations and entrepreneurs seeking professional assistance.  

For an annual fee of just €175 (excluding VAT), membership of FPEI Enterprise offers a wide range of useful benefits for both individuals and businesses that are passionate about entrepreneurship in Malta. Through joining the Membership Directory, organisations can promote their legal, financial, education, recruitment or digital services as well as their co-working spaces, and become the organisation of choice for local entrepreneurs.

Apart from networking opportunities with like-minded professionals, FPEI Enterprise members also enjoy discounts on related workshops and initiatives, while staying up-to-date with industry-specific knowledge, trends and market insights. Members can find sponsorship and promotion opportunities, and take advantage of the chance to learn from experienced entrepreneurs or business leaders through mentorship programmes. 

Via Zaar – an FPEI initiative and Malta’s only reward- and donation-based crowdfunding platform – the FPEI Enterprise Membership Directory can help secure financial support for projects and advise how to raise funds with alternative finance methods such as crowdfunding. Membership could also improve CSR efforts through the Directory’s opportunity to ‘Matchfund’, wherein a company matches the amount raised for a voluntary organisation through crowdfunding. In addition, membership of FPEI Enterprise can offer support with organising and promoting training sessions delivered by FPEI members for relevant audiences, while sharing their expertise and industry-related information in the FPEI blog. 

“FPEI Enterprise is for Founders, Pioneers, Entrepreneurs and Innovators,” explains Giselle Borg Olivier, manager of FPEI and Zaar Crowdfunding Malta. “As an independent body responsible for promoting entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial initiatives, we know that navigating the start-up space can be tricky and confusing. The FPEI Enterprise Membership Directory gives organisations and entrepreneurs quick and easy access to the businesses, entities and collaborators that will help them achieve success throughout their entrepreneurial journey.”

For more information about joining the FPEI Enterprise Membership Directory, visit

Last modified: 25/09/2023