Own your behaviours, master your communication, determine your success

Become the best version of yourself

Often described as a ‘life-changing’ experience, The Five Chairs model is a call to action for all of us.

It acts as a transformational tool that forces us to examine our behaviours in every moment and consciously choose our more productive behaviours over the toxic ones to ensure we achieve greater happiness and fulfilment, both at work and at home.

This powerful, systematic method is the brainchild of Louise Evans, a transformational coach and expert in behavioural intelligence. Louise believes deeply in our ability to grow and transform and her mission is to help people take the courage to look at themselves in the mirror and step up to their true potential.

When you adopt The 5 Chairs in your everyday life it will radically change the way you talk, behave and relate in your roles as leaders, team members, parents, friends or spouses.

Who do you want to be in life?

You always have a choice!

The 5 Chairs is designed to help us make the right choices.

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Last modified: 18/09/2023