You can have exceptional talents and projects. Yet, why keep it a secret? What if nobody actually knows about it? It would be a shame not to have its proper introduction to a fascinating world. How can you share and promote your creations? Well, the answer is embedded in Public Relations and in Marketing. From content, marketing and communications, to customer care training and business etiquette, founder and CEO of the Finesse Group, Jo Caruana shares her top tips and recommendation to do just that.

In a world, where every individual is bombarded with varies information, a ‘creative promoter’ needs to primarily understand what kind of aspects and marketing techniques works for his/her scenario.

One way to do so, is firstly by outlining the benefits and challenges of being a creative in the sector. Among others, a true benefit is the fact that a creative has a genuine non-commercial space; a space where one can express themselves, tell great stories and share experiences.

Additionally, it is important to keep in mind your target market and the audience you are trying to attract. These factors will guide you through the process. In fact, they will also guide your choice when considering the type of available sources of Marketing and PR. You should make yourself aware of the sources available, outline the ideal and viable sources and figure out which angles to use according to your main targets.

When choosing the ideal sources of Marketing and PR, it is also important to know the difference between the two. For Jo, Marketing is defined as the way you talk about your creations. It includes sources such as Print, Online Ads, Radio/Tv advertising, social media and other different sources that you are willing to pay for to be part of. On the other hand, PR is considered to be more emphasised on since it is the way how other people talk about your creations. It is usually used in a way in that the receiver is told a story. These sources include: articles, interviews, events, gatherings and launches, through influencers and testimonials as well as through crisis management that unfortunately can be used to attract the eye very quickly.

Needless to say, in her session, Jo Caruana also outlines great and useful tips for both Marketing and PR including from her own personal experiences.

When it comes to Marketing, Jo shares with us 5 main tips; the first one being Knowledge. It is important to remember your aim and your selling goal, thus ask yourself “What are you selling?”  Be aware of the end result you want to communicate with your audience and of the concept you are trying to make the receiver aware of.

The second tip includes the Audience. “Who are you selling it to?” It is important to identify your target audience in order to adopt to their needs i.e. to their language, their likings, their image and perspectives.

The third tip is about a Problem-Solution Approach. “Who Cares about your creations?”  Make your creation the solution to your receivers’ problem; in that your receivers’ solutions lay within your creations.

Another tip which is certainly relatable to the majority of creatives is Budgeting. No matter the size of your budget, it is essential to use it and your options effectively. If you have a sizeable budget, you can even afford to approach an agency as an asset. However, if your budget is quite limiting, Jo recommends that PR is your answer.

Last but certainly not the least, Planning and Strategy are perhaps the most underrated concepts. Do not opt for an ad hoc approach. You can easily loose focus of your main sight; which is why a clearly defined and serious plan is a must in order not to lose track of your main targets and the desired end result. It if helps, go back to what you started from and ‘skeleton’ down the main stages of your targets.

5 additional tips are also shared with us on getting the best out of PR. Start by keeping organised and sort out your Media Kit. Who are the relevant people? (The ‘About Us’). What type of content do you want to share? (photos, press releases, etc.) Keep everything sorted and updated.

The second tip involves Perspectives. Make sure you get to see your promotional work from an outsider’s perspective, in order to verify whether your message is well communicated and that there are no misunderstandings. Additionally, keep in mind your audience and their interests. Base your promotion on them in a way that it is attractive and personalised and that it speaks to them.

‘Think Angles’. Think of possible angles that speak to you audience, their interests and that awaken their attention. “How can you communicate the same story in different ways?” Jo personally suggests to try and match the message with the platform and the target audience.

In link with this is Leverage. Think of all the people you are connected with and how each and every person is connected in its very own network. They can serve as an asset and lead to creating a multiplier effect.

Finally, Be Nice! It is a common misconception to think that people owe you expose. No one owes you anything. PR is about building your network and your relationships. It is about making people understand your mission, relating with you and wanting to work with you to champion your creations and ideas.


To sum up, the potential to what your creation is exposed to, lies within your hands and the amount of effort and planning. In a world where people are always craving innovation, knowledge and information, use your sources effectively and you will never know who and which interests you attract in no time.

Last modified: 18/07/2023