As part of the ongoing work in promoting and supporting Entrpreneurship, FPEI is pleased to announce the kick off a new Erasmus+ part funded project, called T3QM – The Three Question Model Of Developing Social Entrepreneurs”.

T3QM is an innovative way for adult educators to offer high quality and needs-focused coaching to (social) start-up founders to become sustainable. It aims to enable a wide variety of aspirant entrepreneurs, from backgrounds of need and whom fail to access traditional support, to practically develop their enterprise idea by approaching business development not as a theoretical exercise, but from the perspective of the market, the entrepreneur and the steps needed to start a business and create employment.

All the materials, tools and methodologies that will be developed through the project’s duration will be available soon on a website that is under development. At the project’s kick-off meeting which was held in Birmingham on 26 and 27 of October 2017, all the project partners discussed about the next steps of the project. If you want to learn more about the project and its outputs stay tuned!

Last modified: 18/07/2023